A rock and a hard place

If you followed the blog previously, you will know I'm trying to do my best for mum as we progress with dementia.

There is a common phrase of 'living well with dementia' which I have heard the professionals use.  It says what it does on the tin.
Now, do you wrap her in cotton wool and not actually let her live or do you sometimes push some boundaries to fill life to the brim while you can?
I'll quote someone clever who no doubt reads this blog and won't mind me using her phrase,
"Would you rather be the one looking out the window watching all the others conga down the corridor? Or would you rather be in the Conga?"
Speaks volumes right there!

Remember Tommy Cooper and the famous way he transitioned from this earthly life?  On stage, with people laughing.  Everyone at the time said what a fabulous way to go.  Doing what he loved.

Yet here I sit, listening to her coughing while i tap away on the keyboards (writing for so many reasons, not forgetting the fa…

Technical errors

This is annoying but a bad sentence to start a blog about.  A blog post which is supposed to infuse positivity.

Yet Siteground are the hosts who have taken down my website (I refused to pay them the hundreds of pounds they wanted to host my site for another year- so in theory, my fault) and I can't get it back without paying them more money.  Sad really as this held memories of my writing from our adventures with mum which was the whole reason I started a blog. To remember the journey from diagnosis to crossing over.  They won't give me back my writing and it's made me feel a little sad.

So, in case you don't know, running a blog costs a lot of money and time.  But it's something I love and can't get enough of. Sometimes you will see some links on the blog which have affiliate links to them. This means if you click them and buy something, it helps to earn a few pennies on the blog so over time we hope this will help to finance running the blog (it doesn't c…

My site has gone!

Welcome to those of you who are new here.  

Those of you who hopped over from the other website ( I'm so so sorry!

What happened to our tales and adventures?  They have all disappeared as my account is locked.  I'm gutted.  While they are sorting this out (it seems a long tale...) I will endeavour to update you via this new website. 

Mum is still with us and still fighting every day to live her best life.

To date, I have loved writing about our adventures over on the other blog, with the ideal that I could keep it there and have a look at the photos and read some things.  Yet it's gone. (sad face with a tear gently rolling down the cheek).  For me, creating beautiful photos, writing and blogs is partly therapy and i was at the stage of thinking it might be time to write a little book in relation to how i have found 'things' while living with a mother with dementia.  So, let's not be beaten, rather let's start again with Google and Blogger &…