Finding a middle ground - this was ALL my fault!

The past few posts have been negative and angry.

We are now somewhere totally new. This is a good thing for all concerned.

Mum is happy and comfortable. I am happy.  I'm living my life as well as making sure she has her basic needs met, gets to Cogs club and sees her friends.


Me trying too hard is why I ended up crumbling to the point of needing lots of love, care and medical attention. I should have just been me. Accepting that this has to be enough as this is all I can give.

Now, here we are with me off to hospital and having treatment. Mum didn't seem to happy about having to get a cab to her cogs club but I'm unable to drive for a couple of days due to the anaesthetic.  That's just bad luck. Accepting that mum will always demand her own needs first, putting mine second has made me feel differently about things. Don't get me wrong, if she was in hospital of course I would drop everything and be there.
I should have allowed her to get on with doing her things.  I shouldn't have kept putting myself on the back burner.

Now that I'm taking care of myself, things are better. Which means they will also be better in mums life...


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