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Guilt as a carer

Guilt as a carer
“How’s mum Lou?” Pops into my inbox several times.Often, it’s too much to even think about.The answer isn’t going to be good. Every time.
Those who mum talks to think she sounds the same.She doesn’t have an awareness of how the clock is ticking for her.Likely a good thing right? Well let’s face it, dementia and heart failure is only going in one direction and I’m nothing if pragmatic.Which means, I deal with things without my head buried in the sand.
Right now, my head IS buried in the sand.
So, heart failure means the heart isn’t pumping as it should. Mum has diastolic dysfunction. Which means it isn’t filling up as it should.The blood can only back up into the lungs, creating a cough. Initially I explained this to mum.Yet she now says, “Ohh gota bit of phlegm.” Or “Ohh silly tickle.” And there’s not much point keep telling her. Why? To create panic?What’s the point?
So dementia, yes, that’s going to be horrific if it gets much worse.I am not sure I understand it as well as I s…