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My site has gone!

Welcome to those of you who are new here.  

Those of you who hopped over from the other website ( I'm so so sorry!

What happened to our tales and adventures?  They have all disappeared as my account is locked.  I'm gutted.  While they are sorting this out (it seems a long tale...) I will endeavour to update you via this new website. 

Mum is still with us and still fighting every day to live her best life.

To date, I have loved writing about our adventures over on the other blog, with the ideal that I could keep it there and have a look at the photos and read some things.  Yet it's gone. (sad face with a tear gently rolling down the cheek).  For me, creating beautiful photos, writing and blogs is partly therapy and i was at the stage of thinking it might be time to write a little book in relation to how i have found 'things' while living with a mother with dementia.  So, let's not be beaten, rather let's start again with Google and Blogger &…