About me

I'm Lou.

Mum calls me Lou.  Steve called me Lou.   Dad called me Bubbalou, often just 'bubba' or 'bubs'.

Those two men of the house are gone now.  Mum was left with a literal broken heart.  But survived the surgeries and emergencies.  Until the Dr decided she was acting strangely.  Fast forward a couple of months and we had a 'mixed dementia' diagnosis.  Which means she has vascular and alzheimer's.

She never went home again after the heart attack.  We didn't really take time to think about it all but mum has lived with me and my twins now for a year and 9 months.  Obviously there are challenges.  I was at the pinnacle of my career.  Things HAD to change.  Which turns out, probably for the better all around!

Initially I began a blog as we went on many adventures.
Wanting to record our photos and stories.  And this is exactly what I did before the site went down.  While I try to get that all back, I'm not wasting any time and I'm now creating this new website instead.


I'm a funny girl I'm told.  A big heart who likes to see the best in people.

Yet when they let me down, I take it really hard.  I love love.  So, I'm now writing about love.  You see the way I was (so easily) swayed into stepping into being the writer I love to be is this: looking after mum could take many paths.  While doing so, I was given another pretty serious diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis to go on top of the ones I have of Crohns and being partially deaf.  So, my health isn't where I would like it to be but not one to lie down and give up, I change things up a bit!

Having recently qualified as a registered nutritional scientist, I will still write about this too.  My research into chronic disease, obesity and the like, will see me helping others online in the masses and I have recently started building my author platform with a pseudonym for romance fiction.  And I'm undertaking a Masters degree in Creative writing with an emphasis on non-fiction

A mum to adorable twins who make my heart swell and are my reason for being, I also complete the brood with my hairy fella Harley the shih tzu who comes on many of our adventures. 

Recently, tapping into the 'old' me, I'm back dancing once again although I sense my championship days are over. And I sing in the University choir and we are collectively rather good. 

Life is beginning to feel oh, so challenging but really rather wonderful.  


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