Technical errors

This is annoying but a bad sentence to start a blog about.  A blog post which is supposed to infuse positivity.

Yet Siteground are the hosts who have taken down my website (I refused to pay them the hundreds of pounds they wanted to host my site for another year- so in theory, my fault) and I can't get it back without paying them more money.  Sad really as this held memories of my writing from our adventures with mum which was the whole reason I started a blog. To remember the journey from diagnosis to crossing over.  They won't give me back my writing and it's made me feel a little sad.

So, in case you don't know, running a blog costs a lot of money and time.  But it's something I love and can't get enough of. Sometimes you will see some links on the blog which have affiliate links to them. This means if you click them and buy something, it helps to earn a few pennies on the blog so over time we hope this will help to finance running the blog (it doesn't cost you anymore though!). It's also a way of me being able to work around mums needs.  Ideal!

Enough of that.

So I am thinking I'll just begin afresh otherwise I won't go forwards with the blog and it's something I really want to do.

We are currently in Centre Parcs and I love it here.  Mum is having the time of her life. I will make my next post all about that with lots of photos.  I will also tell you about the next adventure we have booked and another about the progression of mums illness to date.

Hoping you are all well and happy, thank you for reading.

Lou xoxo


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